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Scrum Master Journey

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The Scrum Master Journey accompanies Scrum Masters in a mentoring program to build their Agile and Scrum knowledge, improve their skills, discuss and highlight their experiences, and learn more information, models and techniques.

The Scrum Master Journey follows the learning objectives on the way to becoming a Scrum Alliance CSP and you earn the certificates step by step according to your progress.

Advanced Certified ScrumMaster
Scrum Master Journey

Certified Scrum Master

Here you will learn the background for Agile and Scrum, get to know the roles, events and artifacts and the rules how they play together. We also share tricks from the field on how to successfully lead your Scrum team as a Scrum Master.

In accordance with Scrum Alliance guidelines, this is only available as one-on-one or in-house mentoring.

Advanced Certified ScrumMaster

An A-CSM is proficient in Scrum, can teach Scrum, leads Scrum teams and leads Scrum teams as Scrum Master. They understand the background and can drive change in their multi-team environment and their organization. In this program you will get the tools to do this and apply them directly in your Agile environment.

Here you can find more information about the A-CSM program.

Certified Scrum Professional – Scrum Master

The Certified Scrum Professionals lead the Agile Transformation in a scaled environment. They act as inspiration, leader, and coach for their Scrum Master colleagues, cross-team topics, and the Product Owners in the organization.

Participants of the CSP-SM program learn about the learning topics along the Scrum Alliance defined learning Objectives, in support with the provided material, further literature, and the entire world of the internet. The mentoring group meets in regular intervals for inspection and adaptation of their insights and challenging discussions for widening and deepening of the learnings.

After fulfillment of the Learning Objectives and all other requirements the participants received the CSP-SM certificate by Scrum Alliance.

Here you can find more information about the CSP-SM program.