Agiles Projekt-Management mit Scrum

Bessere Produkte in kürzerer Zeit: Weiterbildung „Agiles Projekt-Management mit Scrum“ mit TEAM 4.0 Flexible, interaktive Prozesse statt starrem Regelwerk: Dafür steht die Weiterbildung „Agiles Projekt-Management mit Scrum“ von TEAM 4.0. Sie setzt auf eine zunehmend beliebtere Methode, Projekte erfolgreich und effizient umzusetzen. Diese Weiterbildung richtet sich an Projektleiter, -manager, -mitarbeiter, Multi-Projektleiter, Produktmanager und Entwickler. Sie

Scrum is an answer, not the question…

Imagine this scenario in a training about agile mindset and methodologies: Trainer: “Why do you want to be agile?” Participant: “We want to have smaller teams.” or Participant: “We want to use Scrum.” Why Agility? Typical goals companies thrive for when introducing or using agility: Accelerate product delivery Enhance ability to manage changing priorities Increase


In mathematics, a self-similar object is one whose component parts resemble the whole, either exactly or approximately. This is a typical property of fractals. A popular example is the Mandelbrot set. In agile software development we have self-similar organizational or process structures, that repeat themselves several times, and reappear at different levels. Let’s discuss one

There is no rule.

Once, a Scrum Master mentioned the “silent card writing, that you use in retros”. I was puzzled, some others too. There is no rule what you have to do in a retro, which facilitation method you have to use or not use. A good Scrum Master knows a variety of moderation technics, knows how and