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Daily Scrum

Here are some insights about the Daily Scrum that most people don’t know:

  1. Daily. As simple and basic as it sounds, again and again people don’t take it literally, but that’s what it is about: daily alignment! Daily.
  2. „Standing-up“ is not a necessity! Scrum framework and the Scrum Guide don’t describe this event as a „standup“ and don’t prescribe the practice of standing. Many teams used to have their Sprint Backlog at a wall in the team room or somewhere else and it was easier to just walk over there and stand instead of moving their chairs. So, standing became a habit. In addition, standing helps to make the event more focused and stick to the time box of 15 minutes. So, standing could be useful. But, it’s not a necessity.
  3. By the developers for the developers: This event is not by the developers for the developers to adapts their plan for the day to achieve the Sprint Goal. Scrum Master and Product Owner are not required.
  4. The accountability of the Scrum Master for this event is similar to all other Scrum Events and Scrum in general:
  5. No status meeting: The Daily Scrum is not a status meeting where developers are to report to other people about their progress.
  6. Same time. Same place. Our world of creative team work in software development is complex enough with changing or ambiguous demands, technologies, market requests. Let’s keep it simple whenever possible and do this daily event every day at the same time and the same place! (Even virtually you can realize the „same place“ by using the same meeting id every day!)