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Agile Developer & Technical Excellence

From the Agile Manifesto:
Principle #9 – Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility.
Principle #11 – The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams.


7+1 Decision Strategies in Teams

A big loss factor in many organizations is unclear decisions and thus often a failure to achieve the goal of various meetings: are all the necessary people present? Are more than the necessary people present? What is needed to make the decision? Is this group actually allowed to make this decision and what does that mean then? So specifically, is this a valid decision or will it be brought back to the table, challenged, questioned, ignored, discussed again, ultimately resolved in the next meeting, perhaps in a different set of participants, thus nullifying both meetings?


7+1 Entscheidungsstrategien in Teams [German]

Ein großer Verlust-Faktor in vielen Organisationen sind unklare Entscheidungen und damit auch häufig eine Verfehlung des Ziels von diversen Meetings: sind alle notwendigen Personen anwesend? Sind mehr als die notwendigen Personen anwesend? Was wird benötigt um die Entscheidung zu fällen? Darf diese Gruppe diese Entscheidung eigentlich fällen und was bedeutet das dann? Also konkret: ist das eine gültige Entscheidung oder wird sie im nächsten Meeting, in der nächsten Gesprächsrunde, vielleicht in einem anderen Teilnehmerkreis, wieder auf den Tisch gebracht, angezweifelt, in Frage gestellt, ignoriert, erneut diskutiert, letztendlich aufgelöst und damit beide Meetings zunichte gemacht?



The Agile Coaching Competency Framework is nowadays the standard definition for competencies Agile Coaches need in their role. Due to its shape, it’s also referred to as the X-wing model.


My favorite Agile-Self-Assessment for Teams

Agile Self Assessment for Teams -V2

On the basis of several other self-assessment, the work that we did at improuv regarding a template for a good self assessment and the feedback and learnings I got when applying to teams I build up my own Agile Self Assessment for Teams and share it here with you.