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Movie recommendations – about life!

Some movies share some stories for life. I want to share my favorite ones here.

Love at first sight

This is a beautiful movie about one day in a care home with marvelous scenes and pictures. It makes me appreciate my life and abilities more. Very personal, very touching.

Schwarzfahrer (German with English subtitle)

I love this movie as it shows such a real picture of our society and the courage for one little act that leads to a big change.

Be happy (Book by Monica Sheehan)

Little motivational movie with cute drawings after the book by Monica Sheehan.

Power of words

How words can change the world…

Equal pay experiment

March 7th is equal-pay-day: from that day on women are paid, while from Jan 1st to March 6th, they were paid nothing… compared to their male colleagues. How can we change that?