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Agile Games

Agile World 2017

My workshop „Building Team Trust with Solution Focus and Lego“ at the Agile World conference in Munich, 2017.


Play4Agile 2016

Beer Tasting Kanban (fun at the bar…) My session on Agile Cards (by Crisp) Let’s craft a Product Box! Facilitation of the Open Space opening with Udo Wiegärtner:


Agile World 2015

Some pictures from my talk about Agile Spiele in Action (Agile Games in action) at Agile World conference in Munich 2015 with Daniel Zappold.


Play4Agile 2014

Some impressions from the Play4Agile unconference in Rückersbach (Germany) in 2014. Workshop: be your own hero (Martin Heider) My workshop Outdoor Games: