Movers and Shapers: a system team game

With this team game, participants can easily see or develop insights into relationships and dependencies in their work environment. It can be played spontaneously, as no preparation is necessary. Room for all participants moving is required. Useful for 8 people and more, referee can take part. 1- Triangle In the 1st step, each participant chooses

Das australische Schwebholz

Ziel: Erkenntnisse über Verhalten und Rollen in der Gruppe gewinnen Teilnehmer: ca 8 – 12 Personen Material: ein Meterstab Beschreibung: Die Teilnehmer stellen sich in zwei Reihen gegenüber auf. Auf ihre ausgestreckten Zeigefinger wird der Meterstab gelegt. Es gelten die folgenden Regeln: Alle Zeigefinger müssen immer von unten in Kontakt mit dem Meterstab sein. Kein

There is no rule.

Once, a Scrum Master mentioned the “silent card writing, that you use in retros”. I was puzzled, some others too. There is no rule what you have to do in a retro, which facilitation method you have to use or not use. A good Scrum Master knows a variety of moderation technics, knows how and