Scrum is an answer, not the question…

Imagine this scenario in a training about agile mindset and methodologies: Trainer: “Why do you want to be agile?” Participant: “We want to have smaller teams.” or Participant: “We want to use Scrum.” Why Agility? Typical goals companies thrive for when introducing or using agility: Accelerate product delivery Enhance ability to manage changing priorities Increase


Was versteht man unter VUCA? VUCA steht für V – olatile / Flüchtig, Unstetig – mit sprunghaften Herausforderungen U – ncertain / Unsicher – mit unbekannten Ergebnissen C – omplex / Komplex – mit vielen verbundenen Teilen A – mbiguous / mehrdeutig – mit fehlender Klarheit Unsere Welt wird als eine VUCA-Welt bezeichnet, da Veränderungen


„Live is what happens while you are busy making other plans.“ – John Lennon In my work environment change is the one important topic, as well as the question how to support people undergoing change, how to drive the change. People react different to upcoming changes, depending on their upbringing, their personal situation in life,


In mathematics, a self-similar object is one whose component parts resemble the whole, either exactly or approximately. This is a typical property of fractals. A popular example is the Mandelbrot set. In agile software development we have self-similar organizational or process structures, that repeat themselves several times, and reappear at different levels. Let’s discuss one