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Scrum Experience Workshop – write your own Scrum Story!

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Scrum experience – write your own Scrum story!

Get a first hand experience with this Scrum workshop.

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In this interactive workshop we will discover all elements of Scrum and learn intensively about the accountabilities, events, artifacts, and how they all play together. On day 2 we will apply the Scrum framework while solving a creative challenge as a team. Debriefing about the gained insights as well as a session about our questions and answers round up the workshop and prepare you for using it successfully in your work environment.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for

  • individuals to learn Scrum and afterwards take over an accountability in a Scrum Team, as Scrum Master, Product Owner, or Developer
  • full teams to learn together about Scrum and unfold their full potential by uncovering flaws in their collaboration


day 1 – Theory… but not boring!

  • Scrum flow – the overall picture
  • Accountabilities and responsibilities 
  • Scrum Events for alignment and collaboration 
  • Scrum Artifacts for clarity and delivery

day 2 – Practice… that’s true fun!

  • Story writing – a Scrum experience in 4 sprints
  • Debriefing
  • Questions and Answers



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