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Scrum for the good: make a donation and attend 2-day Scrum Master training!

Scrum-for-the-good – this is how it works:

  • you make a donation (you decide the amount. Please provide receipt during registration process.)
    For your donation, please consider UBU e.V. who support the disabled in Uganda (IBAN DE62 3245 0000 0030 0494 49, Sparkasse Rhein-Maas, find more info here: or another aid agency of your own choosing.
  • you sign up to this training (pink button above!)
  • you experience a great 2-day Scrum training!

I am happy if you bring along colleagues and friend. Please let them sign up the same path.

Scrum Master training

Enterprise organizations like Intel Corporation, Infineon, Siemens, BMW, Datev, and others opt for Certified Scrum Master programs for fostering and educating their people and employees to have full understanding of the Scrum framework and successfully lead their Agile teams. It is proven that the Agile mindset, principles, practices in Scrum are beneficial for businesses in this global-affected pandemic scenario. As a result, Scrum has gained popularity among organizations. We provide corporate and group training solutions for Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Agile Leadership where you will have access to high-quality courseware, plenty of learning objectives, information and insights, quizzes, simulations, and discussions with the training groups and your trainer!

About our Scrum training topics 

  • learn the theoretical background 
  • get an overview of the full process 
  • meet the people on the team, their accountabilities and the values that drive their collaboration 
  • experience the Scrum Events
  • create Scrum artifacts
  • Scrum Master core competencies
  • Scrum Master services to the organization 
  • have your questions answered 

Who should attend?

  • new Scrum Masters to build up profound  Scrum knowledge
  • experienced Scrum Masters to fresh up their knowledge
  • Agile Leaders to get a comprehensive overview of the Scrum framework
  • all professional who want to get a thorough overview and insights behind the scene of Scrum

About the trainer

Anja Stiedl is an Agile Trainer and Coach. She applies Scrum and Agile since 2008 at different customers and business domains and is still deeply in love with the simplicity of the Scrum framework and the Agile view on people.

For Scrum Alliance, as a Certified Agile Coach, Anja offers for Scrum Masters and Product Owners the learning journey from beginners to professional level, and delivers mentoring sessions for professionals on guide level. In addition, she offers ICAgile accredited trainings for Team Facilitators, Team Coaches, and Agile Leadership. Anja is trained and has practical expertise in Scaling Frameworks (LeSS, SAFe, and Enterprise Services Planning) for Agile transformations for Enterprise organizations.

Details about the training

experience interactive online training with exercises, quizzes, challenges, discussions, simulations, many insights and lots of fun!

receive 14 SEUs for your Scrum learning
receive Scrum Foundations credential

This training fulfills the CSM Learning Objectives by Scrum Alliance.
Yet the CSM certificate in not included.