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23.Jan-24.Apr 23 | Certified Team Coach part 1 | group

400,00  plus VAT

Requirement: CSP-SM or CSP-PO by Scrum Alliance

next start date: Jan 23th – May 8th, 6-7pm CET

calls are approx. every 3 weeks, Monday, 6-7pm CET

planned dates: Jan 9 / 30 / Feb 20 / Mar 13 / Apr 3 / 24

this program lasts for 6 calls / 4 months



If you want to work on part1 of your application, this program is perfect for you:

CTC Mentoring: take the journey together in this CTC guide program! 

Group mentoring for your CTC journey, part1. Reflect on your coaching skills. Build up awareness & intention for your approach. led by CTC and CEC mentor and coach Anja Stiedl

What do we do in the sessions?

  • Each session has a topic defined and participants prepare on it.
  • Some participants will introduce their current topics and challenges
  • Others listen, share hypotheses, give ideas, provide feedback (!)
  • We discuss alternatives and general approaches to the examples given
  • Everybody will set intention on their Agile-Coach-journey
  • All learn and grow together

In general, the focus lies on the CTC/CEC applications and corresponding Agile Coaching topics.

Who is leading this program?

This CTC mentoring program is offered and lead by Anja Stiedl.

Anja is a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), Certified Team Coach (CTC), and Path-to-CSP-Educator.

In the mentoring sessions Anja offers her input, ideas and reflections. She asks questions for your focus and intention. She sets direction for the course of the program.

What does this program promise you? What does this program NOT promise?

Up to now, all my mentees have succeeded in their journey to the CTC level certification… this makes me happy and proud.

Nevertheless: this program can not promise that you achieve your desired CTC/CEC certificate. No person and no education program can promise this to you.

Still, I can promise to you that you will experience enriching conversations and experiences in the mentoring sessions that will give you depth and clarity to your coaching style and approach. You will bring intention to your sessions.


  • CSP certificate (contact me if you don’t have it yet)
  • willingness to work on topics in between the sessions


next start date: Jan 23 – May 8, 2023

calls are approx. every 3 weeks, Monday, 5-6pm CET

planned dates: Jan 23 / Feb 13 / Mar 6 / Mar 27 / Apr 17 / May 8

this program lasts for 6 calls / 4 months



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