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30.Sept-09.Dec 22 | Advanced Certified ScrumMaster | group

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This Mentoring leads you to the A-CSM certificate by ScrumAlliance with real life practical exercises, additional input and discussions!

What characterizes an Advanced Certified ScrumMaster?

The Advanced Certified ScrumMaster, short A-CSM, masters Scrum, can lead from the role of a ScrumMaster on a Scrum-Team and can teach others in Scrum. They understand the background and can drive the change in their multi team environment. The know about the core competencies of a ScrumMaster in the areas of facilitation, coaching, and training and have applied them in appropriate situations at their workplace. A-CSMs know about advances techniques to support their Product Owners, Developers, and the organization in their transformation. The know about their own weaknesses and strengths and are aware of their personal development and improvement plan.

What will we do in this A-CSM-Program?

Participants learn about the learning topics along the Scrum Alliance defined learning Objectives, in support with the provided material, further literature, and the entire world of the internet. The mentoring group meets in regular intervals for inspection and adaptation of their insights and challenging discussions for widening and deepening of the learnings.

After fulfillment of the Learning Objectives and all other requirements the participants received the A-CSM certificate by Scrum Alliance.

Who is leading this Program?

This mentoring program is offered and delivered by Anja Stiedl.

Anja is a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach, CEC and Certified Team Coach, CTC. She is also Path-to-CSP-Educator and member of the CTC-Review-Team. Since 2017 she is ICAgile authorized instructor for ICP, ICP-ATF, ICP-ACC, ICP-LEA, and ICP-PDV.

Anja supports organizations in their adaptation to fast changing markets and their transformation to agile and self organizing ways of working. She accompanies leaders and individuals on their learning journey to build up the knowledge and skills, that are required and demanded for their new role and their new understanding of collaboration.

What do participants say?

Here are some quotes by successful participants of the A-CSM program:

– Niklas K.: “The training was just great, you could determine the pace yourself how fast you want to progress. Since I progressed faster than expected, we then delved into a topic of my choice in three remaining appointments, just great. The trainer Anja Stiedl also supported me very well in technical as well as in complicated interpersonal questions. I can only recommend this training.”

– Thomas F.: “Anja accompanied me very well during the coaching to become an Advanced Scrum Master. I got along well with the structure she provided. The additional topics were a good addition and support on the way to the A-CSM. I developed the content myself and reflected on it with Anja. In each session she was able to provide me with valuable tips and supplementary material. Anja’s great experience and good expertise in the field helped me not only to achieve the A-CSM, but to develop myself significantly as a Scrum Master.”

Who should attend??

ScrumMaster, who want to take on w leading role in the community of Scrum Masters and therefore want to learn more about Agility, Scrum, Facilitation, Coaching, and how it all plays together, for the developers, the Product Owners and the Organization.

Agile Coaches, who dare to challenge their own Knowledge in the discussion with a Certified Agile Coach, and who want to fill their knowledge with the missing puzzle peaces, in order to demonstrate their skills and competencies with the A-CSM-certificate.

Agile Leaders and Agile Consultants, who want to distinguish their competencies in the market.

Which topics are covered in the A-CSM-Mentoring-Program?

– Lean / Agile / Scrum – how does it belong together and what can we learn from it?

– Core Competencies of a ScrumMaster – Facilitation, Coaching, and Training. We deepen on the topic of coaching by analyzing the mindest and principles of a coach, meeting a framework for a coaching conversation, and finding several appropriate and fitting questions.

– Service for the Developers – We learn on self organization and team dynamics, and valuable models to apply and use. Further on we work with the use of the Definition-of-Done and Agile Development Practices.

– Support to the Product Owner – We learn techniques for formulating the product vision, for product Backlog refinement, and stakeholder management, so that we can challenge and support the Product Owner in his role and accountability.

– Service to the Organisation – Agile scaling methods, as well as organizational development determine this section. Get to know 4 scaling frameworks analyze their unique selling points.

– ScrumMastery – Become a ScrumMaster-Champion! Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and define your own development path!


After successful participation this program qualifies for the A-CSM / Advanced Certified Scrum Master certificate. Assignments are to be fulfilled between the sessions.


Small group of 10 participants

Scheduled dates are:

Sept 30th, Oct 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, Nov. 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, Dec. 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd – each 8:30 – 10:00 CET. we will skip some 🙂


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