normal or weird?

I just heard the book „Weird“ by Seth Godin, which I can recommend. But this article is not supposed to be a book recommendation but rather a trigger for reflection.

The idea that sticks most to me, is the question „Do you want to be normal or weird?“ and the statement that there is no-one who is GREAT in being normal. No, greatness always arises not from being normal, rather from being different, from being special, from being weird.

normal or weird?
How normal are you? How weird are you? What makes you special?

So, my reflections are right now:

  • How weird am I?
  • How weird do I want to be?
  • On a scale 1 to 10…
  • What does this mean to me?
  • How much does this take from me?
  • What does it give me?
  • Which courage do I need?
  • Where do I get it from?

… and I invite you to reflect on your weirdness as well and think about your resolutions for 2021: how much do they reflect your weirdness?

Oh – and right now my favorite song: „Creep“ from RadioHead!

Perhaps my motto of the year 🙂