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  • Scrum Videos

    Scrum introduction

  • Movie recommendations – about life!

    Some movies share some stories for life. I want to share my favorite ones here. Love at first sight This is a beautiful movie about one day in a care home with marvelous scenes and pictures. It makes me appreciate my life and abilities more. Very personal, very touching. Schwarzfahrer (German with English subtitle) I…

  • WiP-limits of 1?

    As some of you might already know, personal WiP limits of 1 are bad. I know that now, as quite some time ago, I had a very practical learning experience, that I want to share with you, or -at least- those of you who didn’t have this learning yet… Well, we set up a new team, I…

  • Selbstorganisierte Teams und Agile Leadership? [German]

    Selbstorganisierte Teams und Agile Leadership? [German]

    English text: Self-Managing-Teams [en] Selbstorganisierte Teams sind ein wesentlicher Aspekt von Agilen Arbeitsweisen und Frameworks. Wir haben hier die 8 wichtigsten Punkte zusammengefasst, damit Teams erfolgreich selbstorganisiert arbeiten können und mögliche Aktivitäten, mit denen die Agile Führungskraft dies fördern kann: 1 – Gemeinsames Ziel Ein wichtiger Ausgangspunkt in der Diskussion über selbstorganisierende Teams ist das…

  • Fun pix

    Funny and inspiring pictures I share with you:

  • Difficult people.

    Difficult people.

    Story from the Life of an Agile Coach: Repeatedly I am asked •How to deal with different people?”  My idea:  This is coaching along the Agile Leadership Spirale.  #StoryOfAnAgileCoach #DifficultPeople #People #AgileCoaching  #AWE #AndWhatElse 

  • Self Managing Teams

    Self Managing Teams

    hier geht’s zur deutschen Übersetzung: Selbst-organisierte Teams [de] I was asked about Self-Managing Teams… my answer got a little longer than anticipated. I think it’s worth reading – so: have fun! I use this picture as my guiding visualization and structure: Perhaps it helps you follow my thoughts and elaboration on the topic. Start in…

  • Agile Leadership with the Agile Leadership Spirale

    Agile Leadership with the Agile Leadership Spirale

    Define your intention! You can only be successful where you intend to be and where you follow your inner motivations and drivers. Become aware of yourself that you are on the journey and want to continue it. Say YES clearly. Be a role model As a leader, you are expected to be a role model. Work on yourself and be prepared for someone to follow who will be led by you!

  • Technical Debt

    Technical Debt

    Technical debt is like living in a messy home:You think to prepare a cup of tea it only needs a pot to heat up water and poor on the tea bag. It happens that all the pots are dirty. You find stacks of old dishes in the sink. Before you can put them into the…

  • 2C | !2C – about certificates…

    2C | !2C – about certificates…

    I was asked -again- about the advantage or disadvantages of certificates that expired versus those that don’t… and my answer is: what does “expire” mean and why would you care? Why certificates at all? Just a quick background info: I am an Agile Coach & Trainer with many years in this field and quite a…