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  • TAC prep session

    Anja’s Zoom room for TAC prep sessions: Dates: CET MO TUE WED TH FRI 8:00 8:30 9:00 xxx 9:30 xxx 10:00 xxx 10:30 11:00 16:30 xxx xxx xxx Sasha xxx 17:00 xxx xxx xxx Sasha xxx 17:30 xxx xxx xxx Sasha xxx 18:00 Let me know if I should invite you.

  • How observant are you?

    Watch this video ReflectWhat did you observe? Now watch this Conclusion What did you learn?

  • Scrum Guide Videos

    Find here 4 videos that read out the Scrum Guide for you in the latest version of November 2020. Scrum Definition and Theory Scrum Team Scrum Events Scrum Artifacts

  • Don’t do Tetris-style Leadership

    Don’t do Tetris-style Leadership

    Did you ever play TETRIS(*)? The essence:Tetris: Errors pile up, successes simply disappear! Don’t be a TETRIS-LEADER to the people around you! Better: (* don’t worry – I don’t tell how old you are )

  • Treat People like Adults

    Treat People like Adults

    This is my favourite slogan: Treat people like adults, as they are adults… at least most of them. And for those that are not (aka. kids) think about how to foster them to learn and grow on their way to become adults. Repeat. For those adults: On the other hand: Act like an adult! So…

  • Self check for your CTC/CEC application

    hey Agile Coach! Are you ready for your journey to Certified Agile Coach level? Use this self check for your first feedback loop on your trip: CTC application CEC application

  • 5 Key Relationships of Product Owners

    5 Key Relationships of Product Owners

    Do you know the “5 Key Relationships of Product Owners”? Product Owners have many responsibilities. Here I want to point out the essential communication relationships they have to establish, maintain and foster: 1) their relationship to higher management 2) their relationship to Scrum Master(s) and Agile Coach(es) 3) their relationship to Teams of Developers 4)…

  • Story Points or hours?

    Story Points or hours?

    I was asked: “What do your prefer: estimation with hours or estimation with story points?“ Short answer: I don’t care.  Very long answer:  The big question is what you make out of it: My focus of estimation (or sizing as it is called in Scrum) is to catalyse conversation.  If in a team you have…

  • Cheating at School…

    Cheating at School…

    Another quote I just stumbled over: *Cheating at School is called Collaboration at Work!* Please please please, dear pupils and students,  do not loose your ability to collaborate with your class mates:  you will need this skill later! #collaboration

  • Difficult team members…

    Difficult team members…

    I was asked: „What is your approach to managing difficult team members?“ I recommend to reflect on your own mindset: what does „difficult team members“ mean? How come that you label or judge others in that way? Typically people have a good reason for acting like they do. So, try to be open-minded, try to find…