With this team game, participants can easily see or develop insights into relationships and dependencies in their work environment.

It can be played spontaneously, as no preparation is necessary. Room for all participants moving is required.
Useful for 8 people and more, referee can take part.

1- Triangle
In the 1st step, each participant chooses 2 other people (but don’t tell!) and tries to build an equilateral triangle. That’s a triangle with three identical sides.

2- I protect my friend
In the 2nd phase, each participant chooses 2 people (again) and builds a line with them, himself standing in the middle.

3- my friend protects me
The 3rd round is to choose 2 people (again) and to build one line, this time standing at one end.

What happened?
What did work, what was difficult, what didn’t work?
How can we use this at our work, in our environment?

Extension or alternative:
After phase 1 do a debriefing and try this alternative:
Participants point to the people they chose.
What is different? How does this compare to our work? What are your conclusions?

1) Can be scaled easily: I did it with 50 persons.
2) Obstacles: once we had tables in the room, that we could not remove: we developed very special learnings…
3) Lots of fun!!!