Quite some time ago I started my agile learning journey with a Certified Scrum Master course. A lot happened in the meantime, with the agile methods and methodologies, with the trainings and exams provided, with learning steps and objectives defined, with my personal growth and learning journey.

Now I am happy and proud to announce, that moccasoft is an ICAgile member organization:

ICAgile is a certification and accreditation body. ICAgile collaborates with worldwide agile thought leaders to develop learning programs that lead people to agile mastery. ICAgile works with course providers to accredit new or existing courses against their defined comprehensive and proven Learning Outcomes. ICAgile believes that agility starts with people. The power and potential of agility grows when people have an agile mindset. ICAgile provides an agile learning roadmap provides clear paths for professionals and organizations who want to start or continue their agile journey. ICAgile-accredited courses meet the highest level of standards developed by worldwide agile thought leaders. At ICAgile you can start your journey to mastery today with one of the worldwide Member Organizations.
(see ICAgile)

I am convinced by the ICAgile certification program as…

  • ICAgile certifications are method-agnostic: they focus on agility, not on one specific methodology, that might or might not start with the letter S, not on the most popular framework for teams or for scaling… focus is agility.
  • ICAgile certifications provide a vast variety of certification topics: Agile Fundamentals, Agile Coaching, Agile Engineering, Agile Testing, Business Agility, DevOps, Delivery Management, Enterprise Agile Coaching, and Product Ownership
  • ICAgile certifications provide deep certification levels: on their agile learning journey, certificants can take several steps in knowledge depth: fundamentals, professional, and expert certificate
  • ICAgile certifications require trainer and course accreditation: the course to be accredited, as well as the trainer to deliver the course have to fulfill preconditions to be eligible to certify participants

I am happy to contribute to this way of spreading agile knowledge and supporting people and organizations on their ways to an agile organization!

moccasoft is an ICAgile member organization and soon will provide trainings according to ICAgile’s training standards and Learning Objectives. First to go will be the ICAgile Professional – Agile Team Facilitation course – stay tuned!