Attend this 1:1 CTC mentoring program and get your mentoring from an experienced CTC, CEC, Path-to-CSP-Educator and CTC Review-Team member!

Certified Team Coach by Scrum Alliance (für Zertifizierte Coaches der Scrum Alliance)

This program is perfect for you if you need someone …

  • to reflect or
  • give you some trigger,
  • need a mentor for sparring
  • to improve your coaching skills
  • to work on your EQ
  • to understand the questions
  • to find your strengths

Our topics might be:

  • systemic view
  • coaching skills
  • emotional intelligence
  • individual versus team coaching
  • coaching concepts
  • and whatever you bring up!

I will accompany you on your journey!

Book your CTC-Mentor-Call or send your questions:

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