Certified Team Coach - CTC by Scrum Alliance

Repeatedly, I am asked about tipps and tricks, ideas and insights for becoming a CTC. Sure I share.

And sure this experience is as unique as you are, as your skills are, your experiences, your knowledge, your structure and reflection about it. It definitely is a learning journey and gives the candidates feedback on where they are and point our directions where they could grow.

If your next goal is CTC certification, here is what to do:

  1. Read on Scrum Alliance website about Guide level certifications and about ScrumAlliance® Certified Agile Coach®.
  2. Read on ScrumAlliance website about the CTC certification, preconditions, expectations, and process.
  3. Read the CTC checklist and check if you think you are ready for CTC.
    Be honest to yourself: if you find gaps, work on them. Even better: find somebody to help you work on them or to work on them together!
  4. Have a look into the application, primarily part1:
    What could you put in there? Do you have such experiences? Should you look into more tools and try them? Perhaps work more with others?
    (And I also recommend to look into part2 to know what will be coming.)
  5. And see: your learning journey has already begun!
  6. Schedule a CTC preapplication call with me (German or English) or another member of the CTC review team.
    Important note:
    It is not a gate:
    * you cannot fail, you only get feedback and recommendations for your next steps
    * on the other side, the feedback is not an approval or guarantee to instant success
    Anyway, you have to do a preapplication call before proceeding in your CTC journey.
    This happens before you pay the application fee. You can do this call multiple times, with different reviewers.
  7. Depending on your decision for your next steps:
    * work on your identified improvement areas (*)
    and / or
    * start your CTC application process on the ScrumAlliance website: hit the apply-button, pay the fee, get your application form and off you go…

(*) Read more about different learning offerings (free and paid) for your CTC learning journey in my other CTC related posts! (coming soon – stay tuned!)