Yes, I did it: I am a CTC now, a Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach.

What does that mean?
For me it meant …

  • a long time journey of Scrum Alliance certificates: starting with a CSM / Certified Scrum Master, later a CSPO / Certified Product Owner, again some time later a CSD / Certified Scrum Developer: these are participating and learning in a class room (and for the CSM also doing and passing an online test)
  • and somewhere in between I did a CSP / Certified Scrum Professional for which I had to proof 3 years of experience in agile teams (as team member, Scrum Master and/or Product Owner), and 70 SEUs, Scrum Education Units: which can be earned with Scrum Alliance courses or conferences, other agile associated courses or (un-)conferences, Scrum User groups, and learning by reading and so on.

And it also meant to …

  • fill out a long questionnaire about my experience and my  knowledge on Agile and Scrum topics
  • and long means approx. 60 pages of writing and lots of learning!
  • reflect on my approaches of coaching agile teams
  • reflect on the trainings I am doing
  • reflect on all the trainings I had and to summarize what I learned there and what it means for me in my daily work and how I integrate there
  • be patient to wait on the reviewers‘ answers
  • discuss and learn from the feedback that I am getting, from colleagues, mentors, reviewers
  • sharpen my senses, be more specific, learn!

It was a great journey that I took and I am happy about it.

Thank you to all who encouraged me, discussed with me, challenged me, believed in me!

And I am looking forward to what comes next…