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CTC call

Dear CTC-candidate!

I am delighted to have you here on my website 🙂 and invite you to schedule your pre-application call with me.

Make sure to understand: the CTC pre-application call is the first official step in your CTC journey. It’s mandatory, but not a gate. It’s an invaluable way for you to get feedback on your learning path in being an Agile Coach. It’s you to decide what you will do with it, what you will do next.

You can do the CTC pre-application call before you pay the certification fee. You are also free to do another pre-application call to get another reviewer’s feedback.

How is it working?

It takes about one hour and can be done in English or German with me!

This preapplication-call consists of:

  • We are here to answer your questions about the application and process for you
  • We review the potential information you will be putting in your part 1 application so we can help you determine if you are ready to apply and give you feedback / recommendations for additional learning, experience, etc where we see gaps
  • We do a coaching session where you are the coach and we are the client so we can give you feedback on your coaching skills and make recommendations for additional learning etc.

as preparation for our call…

What else?

I plan your call in my calendar and reserve time for it. Please make sure to keep the date and time.

I look forward to our conversation! See you then!