Collaboration is great. Supporting each other, giving feedback, giving hints or advice is phantastic! Unfortunately there are to be some rumors or myths around about how good answers in the CTC application are to be written. Some of them are neither helpful for applicants nor for the reviewers. Here I share some points I see and some advice I’d give you.

Advice 1: Reviewers want to get to know you, your world view, your experience, your skills. So please share your insights, thoughts, and views.

Myth 1: Always describe a personal experience in your answer. Actually: no. Just read carefully: if the question asks for a good approach or strategy, then write about your ideas for a good approach. If it asks for your specific experience or examples, share your experience!

Myth 2: Always include your learning. Again: no. Yes, learning is great and -sure- we want to see you reflecting and learning.
For the application, it depends on the question. If the question asks you for a good coaching approach, we hope you show us your best idea! If you tell us what you did once and then add what you learned from it and how you would change it now, then you spent a lot of word on what wasn’t really asked about. Use your experience and your reflection to come up with a good approach.

Advice 2: Change your formats, share your different experiences. If you qualify for a „Certified Team Coach“ certificate you have a lot under your sleeve: tell us about it! Sometimes you use a standard-tool, sometimes you use some self designed tool, sometimes you share how you worked with others, other experiences you might have done all by yourself, sometimes you have learnings included, …

Myth 3: Add many links to sources in the internet.

Actually no. If you use a tool or framework you should give us at least a quick description what it is about and how it is working for you. (Again: we want to get to know you!)

If it is common knowledge you can be shorter, while you should give more info if it’s very unique or you invented it yourself. You give us insights about your knowledge and awareness of Agile tools and your estimation how much info you’d give to another coach.  

Frankly, I rarely follow links to the internet. 

Myth 4: Use all the words permitted. No. The given word count is a maximum number and does not mean that you have to fill them all. On the other hand, if the question asks for 600 words and your answer counts 150, you might reflect if there is more behind the question that you are missing… and still: a great answer can also be very short. 

Advice 3: Answer all parts of the question. Most questions ask for different aspects. Make sure you answer them all. If you want to keep track of them feel free to structure your answer accordingly, like:

Reasons: …
Challenges: …
Reflection: …

Myth 5: Word count is for restriction. Is it a myth? Some applicants have the challenge to keep their answers within the given word count. This is not to tease or anger you. This is helping you to focus and bring your answer to the point. If you repeatedly write more and more you should check if you are rambling…

Advice 4: Don’t use the word „coach“ as a verb! – honestly!
We want to know what you are doing and many people have totally different understanding of what „coaching“ is. Please, please, please: distinguish yourself and tell us what you are doing – so that we don’t have to ask and you have to re-write it all!

Date: Jan21, 2021. I am sure this list will grow and I will update.

If you have any questions: let me know and we can clarify.

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  1. Veröffentlich von Gabriel Ledesma am 21. Januar 2021 um 15:13

    After reading, I can identify my failures in my previous version of part II. I applied several myths that you describes very clear on it.