„Live is what happens
while you are busy making other plans.“ – John Lennon

In my work environment change is the one important topic, as well as the question how to support people undergoing change, how to drive the change.

People react different to upcoming changes, depending on their upbringing, their personal situation in life, their former experiences with changes, their believe in the new structure, and the impact the change has to their individual role.

I learned that people are more open to some change in their life, when they can rely on other parts staying constant and firm. This gives them security and confidence.
I myself compare that with walking: standing firm on one foot gives you the chance to take a step with the other one.

I can give one example where a young woman, who was always afraid of going abroad on her own, even for a short period of time, even within the same country, takes the big step of living on a different continent for a couple of years, together with her husband. And the later fact is the constant part.

So, for every change, I ask: what stays, what do we keep, what gives us security for the change?