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Self check for your CTC/CEC application

hey Agile Coach!

Are you ready for your journey to Certified Agile Coach level?

Use this self check for your first feedback loop on your trip:

  • Copy the picture into a white board (miro, mural, …)
  • Add sticky notes to the different sections: what do you have, what do you bring?
  • If a section is empty or almost-empty: work on it!
  • AND look into the application part 1 section 1-F and fill in your tools, techniques, frameworks for the topics of team maturation, large-group facilitation, multiteam coordination, organization, leadership and an additional topic of your choice.
  • Do your pre-application call – this is key!!!
  • Act according to the feedback from the pre-application call.
  • And connect to people who might write you a recommendation letter.
    (It does not need to be Scrum Alliance coaches or trainers!)

CTC application

CEC application