What does “Team Trust” mean? In the safe space of your team: being open, being honest, being vulnerable. And also: starting new, sharing knowledge, accepting feedback, showing courage, learning, growing together. If you want to learn about a deep, impressive and fun way to grow team trust, join this LEGO session!

On a meta level, this session will introduce you to the basics of using LEGO blocks for a workshop. With hands-on exercises, we will go thru a series of building tasks with LEGO blocks, information sharing and receiving feedback. Thru Solution Focused Coaching techniques, attendees will generate insights into their situation and find possible solutions. Back to the meta view, we will examine variations to use these workshop steps in team context.

Participants will walk away from this workshop with structured, creative and fun plan for immediate use in their next team lift-off or retrospective, and lead their team to more trust and better teamwork!

Agile & Beyond 2017 about

Building Team Trust with LEGO and Solution Focus Coaching