Books I totally like and absolutely recommend.

Portia Tung: „The Dream Team Nightmare“

This book is different than any other book I have ever read: it is interactive 🙂
The reader accompanies Jim in his next job as an Agile Coach and takes some decisions that influence the storyline as well as finally the outcome. Phantastic!

Link: Dream Team Nightmare

Zuzana Sochova: „The Great ScrumMaster“

Another Scrum-book? Well, yes and no… this book is an add-on to any other Scrum-book I read so far.
This book describes the job of the ScrumMaster: it goes beyond „removing impediments“, and focuses on the „coaching the team“ aspect, which is clearly the main job of ScrumMasters, and so often overseen.

Link: Great ScrumMaster

David Marquee: „Turn the Ship Around!“

A great novel about a „leader-leader“-style of leading people.
Leading people with this approach is more on eyes-level and -I tried it!- even works with kids…. and feels great!

Link: Turn the Ship Around!

Patrick Lencioni: „Getting naked“

This amazing story is about providing value to the client and keeping them happy and loyal. It is about openness and honesty, vulnerability, business contacts, customer focus, positive customer relationships and more… I am getting quite a Lencioni-fan.

Link: Getting Naked

Patrick Lencioni: „5 Dysfunctions of a Team“

This book describes a model of dysfunctions you see often in teams, and offers some ways to address and resolve them.
Good read. Nice story telling. Very clear and transparent model that I use in my trainings now.

Links: 5 Dysfunctions / 5 Dysfunktionen illustrated manga edition of this book: 5 Dysfunctions / 5 Dysfunktionen

This list stays with 5 books.