Scrum is an answer, not the question…

Imagine this scenario in a training about agile mindset and methodologies: Trainer: “Why do you want to be agile?” Participant: “We want to have smaller teams.” or Participant: “We want to use Scrum.” Why Agility? Typical goals companies thrive for when introducing or using agility: Accelerate product delivery Enhance ability to manage changing priorities Increase


Was versteht man unter VUCA? VUCA steht für V – olatile / Flüchtig, Unstetig – mit sprunghaften Herausforderungen U – ncertain / Unsicher – mit unbekannten Ergebnissen C – omplex / Komplex – mit vielen verbundenen Teilen A – mbiguous / mehrdeutig – mit fehlender Klarheit Unsere Welt wird als eine VUCA-Welt bezeichnet, da Veränderungen

Listen to understand

Did you realize that the words LISTEN and SILENT contain the very same letters? I see this situation quite a lot: stakeholders express their feedback and ideas in a review meeting and development team members answer and explain and defend their implementation. At the end of the meeting everybody is frustrated: the stakeholders feel insecure