03.09.-17.09.20: ***ENGLISH*** Online: Agile Team Facilitator – with Certificate ICP-ATF by ICAgile

950,00 699,00 zzgl. MwSt.


SEPTEMBER: 3rd/7th/8th/9th/10th, 2020

Precall: 6pm – 7:30 pm CET (=Sept. 3rd)

Session 1-4: 6pm – 9pm CET

Tool: ZOOM-Call

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This remote delivered training „Agile Team Facilitator“ fulfills the Learning Objectives by ICAgile and participants earn the Certificate „ICP-ATF“ (ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Team Facilitation) with their successful participation.

Learn about Tools and Techniques for effective Team-Facilitation
in our modern VUCA world!

Learn about Tools and techniques for group-moderation that integrate everyone in your workshop and lead to decision that sustain!
As an Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Facilitator or Team Lead you want to support your team with focused and effective meetings and sessions?
You already have some agile knowledge and you are looking for detailed methods for the contents of your meetings?
We will show you how to:
-prepare and lead your meetings and agile events as interactive interesting Sessions and Workshops
-facilitate full participation of all attendees
-foster decisions that everyone is committed to

We will work on these and other topics in our training!
We will annals theoretisch background, we will derive detailed tools and methods for implementation in your meetings and will experience them in several sample sessions during the course.
All participants will learn about the facilitation of interesting, engaging Meetings that focus on flow and meaningful results. All participants will lead a session during in the classroom and learn through feedback and input.
This course is optimized for remote delivery and collaboration!

Dates: 1x Pre-Call 6pm-7:30pm (Thursday) + 4 sessions 6pm – 9pm (Monday thru Thursday)

All times are CET, Central European Time!

Agile Team Facilitator with Certificate ICP-ATF

After successful participation, all participants receive the Certificate  „Agile Team Facilitation“ ICP-ATF by ICAgile:


With this international aknowledged certificate this course verifies that it fulfills the learning objectives defined by international experts from ICAgile. Also the trainers fulfill all requirements that ICAgile request from their trainer network:

Our authorized instructors

This training is offered and presented by  Anja Stiedl (moccasoft) and Sebastian Schneider (Wertikalwerk GmbH).

Both are Senior Agile Coaches and Trainers with a background in Software-Development and they bring their broad knowledge and experience in coaching and facilitating teams to this training, as well as their experience with team-workshop and meeting facilitation. They apply systemic and solution focus coaching tools.


Both instructors are ICAgile authorized instructors for this training.


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