Scrum is an answer, not the question…

Imagine this scenario in a training about agile mindset and methodologies: Trainer: “Why do you want to be agile?” Participant: “We want to have smaller teams.” or Participant: “We want to use Scrum.” Why Agility? Typical goals companies thrive for when introducing or using agility: Accelerate product delivery Enhance ability to manage changing priorities Increase


Was versteht man unter VUCA? VUCA steht für V – olatile / Flüchtig, Unstetig – mit sprunghaften Herausforderungen U – ncertain / Unsicher – mit unbekannten Ergebnissen C – omplex / Komplex – mit vielen verbundenen Teilen A – mbiguous / mehrdeutig – mit fehlender Klarheit Unsere Welt wird als eine VUCA-Welt bezeichnet, da Veränderungen

Listen with this Dyad

Spend 30 minutes of mindfulness with this Dyad! Partners A interviews partner B: A asks B answers A asks more, deeper “what else”, “is there more”, “what is so special about…” (but gives no comment, answers, hints, …) Take 15 minutes, then switch roles. Questions: tell me about something that you are good at tell

Listen to understand

Did you realize that the words LISTEN and SILENT contain the very same letters? I see this situation quite a lot: stakeholders express their feedback and ideas in a review meeting and development team members answer and explain and defend their implementation. At the end of the meeting everybody is frustrated: the stakeholders feel insecure

My Top 5 Books

Books I totally like and absolutely recommend. Portia Tung: “The Dream Team Nightmare” This book is different than any other book I have ever read: it is interactive 🙂 The reader accompanies Jim in his next job as an Agile Coach and takes some decisions that influence the storyline as well as finally the outcome.

Weshalb wir bei improuv nun ICAgile-Zertifizierungen anbieten…

Vor einigen Jahren fand ich meinen Einstieg in die Welt der agilen Arbeitsmethoden über Entwicklungswerkzeuge im XP und Scrum mit seinen Rollen, Events und Artefakten. Mit der Zertifizierung kam die praktische Anwendung und meine agile Reise begann. Scrum war die populärste Methode und das Zertifikat des “Certified ScrumMasters” war das allseits anerkannte Mittel, um Kenntnisse