Courage ist one of the Scrum values, as well as of the XP values. It’s my favourite!


Feedback loops are the basis of learning and continuous improvement in agile development. They can be found at several levels throughout different frameworks: Compiler feedback Pairing feedback from the pairing partner Feedback from the automated test system Daily feedback in the daily standup meetings Customer or stakeholder feedback on the product in the review meetings


Respect is one of the Scrum values, as well one of the XP values.


The Retrospecitive is a meeting for the team to gather information about their work and improve. Retrospectives are mandatory elements in Scrum and XP. For making an open and honest talk possible, the facilitator of the retrospective has to lay ground for a safe space and respectful conversation. I recommend to settle on working agreements.


Simplicity is one of the principles of the Agile Manifesto. Simplicity is also one of the XP values.