Gewaltfreie Kommunikation – ein Praxisbeispiel

Bei der Vorbereitung unserer Session über Gewaltfreie Kommunikation nach Marshall B. Rosenberg fiel mir ein anschauliches Beispiel aus meinem Alltag als Agile Coach ein, bei dem ich mithilfe der vier Schritte der GfK meinem Gesprächspartner helfen konnte, sich in einem Konflikt erst selbst Klarheit über seine Gedanken und Ziele zu verschaffen, bevor er in ein


„Live is what happens while you are busy making other plans.“ – John Lennon In my work environment change is the one important topic, as well as the question how to support people undergoing change, how to drive the change. People react different to upcoming changes, depending on their upbringing, their personal situation in life,

Movers and Shapers: a system team game

With this team game, participants can easily see or develop insights into relationships and dependencies in their work environment. It can be played spontaneously, as no preparation is necessary. Room for all participants moving is required. Useful for 8 people and more, referee can take part. 1- Triangle In the 1st step, each participant chooses

Das australische Schwebholz (German)

Ziel: Erkenntnisse über Verhalten und Rollen in der Gruppe gewinnen Teilnehmer: ca 8 – 12 Personen Material: ein Meterstab Beschreibung: Die Teilnehmer stellen sich in zwei Reihen gegenüber auf. Auf ihre ausgestreckten Zeigefinger wird der Meterstab gelegt. Es gelten die folgenden Regeln: Alle Zeigefinger müssen immer von unten in Kontakt mit dem Meterstab sein. Kein


In mathematics, a self-similar object is one whose component parts resemble the whole, either exactly or approximately. This is a typical property of fractals. A popular example is the Mandelbrot set. In agile software development we have self-similar organizational or process structures, that repeat themselves several times, and reappear at different levels. Let’s discuss one

There is no rule.

Once, a Scrum Master mentioned the “silent card writing, that you use in retros”. I was puzzled, some others too. There is no rule what you have to do in a retro, which facilitation method you have to use or not use. A good Scrum Master knows a variety of moderation technics, knows how and

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Hi there and very welcome to my Blog! On this blog I share some experiences and learnings I have. And I write about some of my ideas and insights. I hope this to be interesting and helpful for my readers. I aim for a better world, for a better work environment, for work places with lots