First of all: everybody welcome to my website!

This website is about Agility, agile methodologies, and the Agile Mindset.

Agility gives us abstract values and principles, and concrete practices to handle challenges in a VUCA world, a volatile-uncertain-complex-ambiguous world. Agile methods bring structured flexibility into fast changing markets and environments, unknown customer or business requirements, complex teams or structures of teams of teams, and unclear results and high potential to misunderstanding.

My name is Anja Stiedl and I am an Agile Coach, a Trainer and a Speaker. I have years of experience as a software developer, as a Scrum Master, a Kanban Coach, and as an Agile Coach for multiple teams. I teach people, teams, and organizations about agility and help them use it for their success, and I share my learnings and insights at conferences.